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It’s hard to know how to respond to bullying behavior in the workplace.  Here are some guidelines:

What to Do If You’re Being Bullied

  • Recognize that you are being bullied.
  • Identify bullying behaviors and accept that they are not your fault.
  • Avoid self-blame for having become a target of bullying behavior. No one deserves to be treated badly.
  • Develop a sense of emotional detachment when confronted by bullying behaviors.
  • Document in writing every incident of bullying behavior. Include the date of the incident, time, place, people involved, names of witnesses, and some direct quotes of what was said to you. Include examples of how the behavior negatively impacts the company’s mission and goals.
  • Gather a support system of employees, friends, family and trusted mentors.
  • Talk to the person designated by the company to manage personnel issues.
  • If you have access to counseling benefits through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), utilize this resource to support you during this process and help maintain your self-esteem.
  • See your family physician if you are experiencing physical distress as a result of bullying behaviors.

What NOT to Do If You’re Being Bullied

  • Do not believe that it is your fault and that you caused the inappropriate behavior.
  • Do not react emotionally to the person who is bullying. Stay cool, confident and aware.
  • Do not become critical of yourself and your performance…become a workplace warrior not a workplace victim.

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