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Don’t bully, it’s bad for your community

Do the right thing, bullying is wrong

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End of Bullying PSA

Student gets cyber bullied. A friend suggests they go talk to her. The bully admits that her parents are going through a divorce and that she didn’t mean it. The victim asks bully if she would like to hang out sometime. The bully suggests they hang out at lunch, right now!

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Stop Bullying

Do for others what you would like them to do for you! That is also what the Chinese great philosopher Confucius had ever said:”己所不欲,勿施于人”.

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Bully Free Classroom

Students are stepping up to stop common bullying in the classroom.

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Do You Have the Courage to Erase the Words?

A fourth grader and two fifth graders act out a scene which demonstrates the effects of words — that they stay with us. We also see how the bully was bullied and carries that experience with them.

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Stop Bullying Today!

Three 3rd graders and one 4th grader act out a bullying scene.

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Be Kind. Stop Bullying. Pass It On!

Sixth grade students from Twin Peaks Elementary School (Marana Unified School District) in Tucson, Arizona “Pass On” the message to be kind, stand up to bullies and work together to help stop bullying and promote kindness. Students “pass on” their messages using large flowers that represent the tokens used for Ben’s Bells. Their final message […]

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The Ruling is

This video shows the Target (the Plaintiff) and the Bully (The Defendant) in a court room. They each have lawyers. The Target and Bully, along with their lawyer, attempt to convince the judge of why the judge should rule in his favor. The Bully tells the judge that his parents are always fighting at home […]

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Make Bullying Extinct and Be Kind

A girl is being bullied by another girl. One stands up for her, and the victim ends up befriending the bully.

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Friends or Not

A boy is swinging and gets pushed off by another boy. The upstander comes by and reasons with the bully and the victim. They all become friends.

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