End of Bullying

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End of Bullying is a project of the Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding. It includes:

  • a working End of Bullying Task Force that meets monthly;
  • this resource website for parents, students, educators and those concerned with workplace bullying; and
  • an annual Step Up, Speak Out, End Bullying Public Service Announcement Contest and Showcase held in the spring for youth of all ages.

Our definition, model, vision and goals

Definition of bullying: Bullying is repeated unwanted behavior directed towards an individual(s) by an individual or group with greater actual or perceived power that is intended to harm and results in a negative impact.

Bullying can be social, relational, emotional, verbal or physical.

Collaborative Impact Model: Our common agenda is to increase community awareness about civility, respect and understanding, and to identify or create activities and programming that reduce bullying.

Vision: To create a model community where empathy, compassion, accountability, nonviolence and integrity are promoted, nurtured and sustained. 


1. Foster networking between organizations and individuals engaged in bullying prevention and intervention across the lifespan.

2. Plan and present comprehensive and specific programs and interventions to prevent bullying across the lifespan.

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