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Sample Workplace Bullying Policy


_[Company Name]_ considers workplace bullying unacceptable and will not tolerate it under any circumstances.

Workplace bullying is behavior that harms, intimidates, offends degrades or humiliates an employee, possibly in front of other employees, clients or customers. Workplace bullying may cause the loss of trained and talented employees, reduce productivity and morale and create legal risks.

We believe all employees should be able to work in an environment free of bullying. Managers and supervisors must ensure employees are not bullied.

We have implemented grievance and investigation procedures to deal with workplace bullying. Any reports of workplace bullying will be treated seriously and investigated promptly, confidentially and impartially.

We  encourage all employees to report workplace bullying. Managers and supervisors must ensure employees who make complaints, or witnesses, are not victimized.

Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who bullies a co-worker or employee. Discipline may involve a warning, transfer, counseling, demotion or dismissal, depending on the circumstances.

The contact person for bullying in the workplace is:

Name and Title: ________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________

Email: __________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________

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