Magee Middle School

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I Am Part of the Solution INITIATIVE:

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Within the first few days of school Magee Middle School had an Anti-bullying assembly to introduce their “I Am Part of the Solution” initiative.

Students learned facts about bullying and were each given an “I Am Part of the Solution” wristband. They signed posters symbolizing their commitment to be a part of the solution to end bullying in their school.

They were also introduced to 8th grade Peace Ambassadors who performed skits about how to be a COURAGEOUS BYSTANDER and were identified as the younger student’s go-to support if they needed help in any bullying situation.

  • The initiative continued with the following:

    • Weekly curriculum – teachers receive an activity each Thursday to present in their homeroom and our theme has remained true to “being a Courageous Bystander.
  • Wristbands

    • New students were oriented to the I Am Part of the Solution Program and given a wrist band and an opportunity to sign a poster which when full is then laminated and displayed somewhere in the school.
    • Students caught wearing their wristbands were acknowledged weekly throughShout Outs! Names are announced on Wednesday’s during homeroom announcements – students went to the office to receive a treat.
    • Also Shouted Out were given to students caught as “Courageous Bystanders.” Their names were also announced during Wednesday homeroom announcement. Those students were given swirl wristbands (special wristbands with our school colors to symbolize their roles as “Courageous Bystanders”)
    • With our Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA’s) help, they were able to keep a constant supply of wristbands so students were able to get new ones if they faded or broke.
  • Art Integration

    • Magee Middle School held a contest Jan-Feb for artistic representations of being a “Courageous Bystander.” They had 3 winners, 2 in applied art and 1 in traditional fine art.
  • Parent, Teacher, Student Association Involvement

    • The PTSA was a great support financial for the I Am Part of the Solution Initiative. It was proposed for the 2013-2014 school year that the program be a line item on our PTSA budget and was unanimously approved.
  • 8th Grade Peace Ambassadors

    • The initial team of 8th grade performers for the opening assembly grew to 25+ students and renamed themselves PEACE (Positive Energy and Action Concerning Everyone) Ambassadors. Several of th students also participated in a daylong training for TUSD Transportation department where they performed skits and gave speeches about I Am Part of the Solution. The response was overwhelmingly positive.
  • PEACE Ambassador recruitment

    • They created a process to recruit the 7th graders to step into the role of PEACE Ambassadors for next year and will be ready to “rock n roll” the school with our opening assembly for 2013-2014
  • Future Plan

    • They have many more exciting plans that will hopefully keep 2013-2013’s PEACE Ambassadors in support/mentoring roles for our program next year.
      “rock n roll” the school with our opening assembly for 2013-2014