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While we do not endorse any particular program, we do encourage education, community building and individual empowerment. Below are some resources that may help you in your efforts to end bullying.

Tucson / Southern Arizona Anti-Bullying Programs and Resources

Online educational presentations: End of Bullying Task Force meetings feature presentations about local anti-bullying efforts in schools and the community. Videos of these presentations are freely available.

Ben’s Bells Project – Kind Kids Programs: Kind Kids is an innovative outreach program to K-8 schools that educates and inspires children to recognize the importance of kindness and empowers them to create a culture of kindness in their school and beyond.

Creative Spirit – Healthy Play IS a Solution: This character education program offers educators and students simple, eloquent and even fun techniques to manage aggressive behaviors, build self-esteem, resolve conflicts peacefully, encourage diversity tolerance, practice core values and promote character education. Based on concepts from their book, Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, this teacher-oriented/school community training provides strategies to develop positive student behaviors and reduce violence. Additionally, the program fosters a school community’s ability to address academic issues in a fun and nurturing manner.

Levi Fallavolita – The Good, the Bad and the Bullies: Levi Fallavolita is a Southern Arizona teen working to bring an end to bullying. He is the author of two books, one of which focuses on bullying. He is finishing up his third book, _Be Courageous _ and developing an anti-bullying curriculum.

Magee Middle School – ‘I Am Part of the Solution’: Beginning in the 2012/2013 school year, Magee Middle School decided to take their anti-bullying message school-wide. Starting with an all-school assembly and continuing by rewarding courageous bystanders weekly, Magee developed their program organically and universally, tying in not only students but faculty. Check out this video of their educational presentation at an End of Bullying Task Force meeting.

Raising Special Kids: This program was launched in 1979 as a grassroots effort of families, professionals, and community leaders to provide support and information for parents of children with disabilities and special health care needs. Today Raising Special Kids is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization that supports thousands of Arizona families each year with disability-related resources, information, training, and support. Programs are offered at no cost to families, and are available in English and Spanish.

Suicide Hotline

In Southern Arizona, contact the Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation (SAMHC):

  • 24-hour crisis line: (520) 622-6000 or (800) 796-6762
  • For appointments, call (520) 617-0043

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