Help Prevent Bullying

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It takes courage to stand up to a bully – even if you’re not the one who is being attacked.  Here are some effective actions that bystanders can to take to reduce bullying.

Know That You Have Power

Bystanders have power to stop bullying. Bullying is often a “group sport.” It can’t go on if others don’t join in.

Speak Up

If it’s safe, tell the person who is bullying to stop it. Make it clear that you don’t support what is happening.

If you don’t feel safe speaking up, walk away and encourage others to do the same.

Tell an Adult

Go to a parent, relative, teacher, counselor, principal or other trusted adult and tell them what’s happening to another child.

Be Kind

Befriend the student who is being bullied. Talk with them, sit with them at lunch or on the bus, walk home with them and hang out with them at recess. Encourage them to report what’s happening to them.

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