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If you or a person you know is being bullied – or if you suspect someone is being bullied – remember that you don’t have to handle it alone. Here are some ways to get help.

Go to an Adult

Talk to:

  • your parents or other family members
  • your teacher
  • your principal
  • a school counselor
  • another trusted adult

Explain what’s happening and how it is making you feel. Sometimes children who are bullying stop after being talked to by a teacher or principal because they’re worried about the consequences.

Get a Buddy

Two is better than one if you want to avoid being bullied.

Make a plan to be with a friend or two on the walk to school, on the bus, at recess or at lunch. Offer to do the same if a friend is being bullied. If you can’t be with a friend, change your route or your routine and only use restrooms when someone else is in them.

Don’t Respond to the Bully

If you can, ignore the threats. Pretend you don’t hear and walk away quickly to a safe place. Children who are bullying want a reaction. Don’t give them one and this might stop the behavior.

Stand Up for Yourself

Act as if you are brave and confident (even if you don’t feel that way inside). Say “no!” or “stop that!” in a loud voice, then walk away, or run if you have to.

If you do what a student who is bullying wants you to do, it will only encourage them to keep bullying you.

Don’t Bully Back

Don’t hit, kick or push back to deal with someone bullying you or your friends. Fighting back just satisfies the person who is bullying and it’s dangerous because someone could get hurt. You are also likely to get in trouble too.

Don’t Show That You’re Upset or Angry

Students who are bullying like to get a reaction. Keep calm and control your emotions; the bully might leave you alone.

Fight Back with Humor

Make a joke of the negative comment. The person bullying you might decide you’re too clever to pick on.

‘What did you say?’

Ask the person bullying you to repeat what they just said. Often those who are bullying aren’t brave enough to repeat what they said. You also can throw someone off guard and take control of the situation.

Keep a Record

Write down what is happening to you, including dates, times and locations. It can make it easier to prove what has been happening.

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