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Helpful Distractions

A group of students decide to pick on another student who they feel is a lesser person. Two other students notice and decide to take action and distract the bullies from their activity.

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My Community

The Bystander encounters three instances of bullying while at school. He gets in between the bully and the victim each time, and on one occasion, befriends both of them. He turns to the camera at the end and says, “I take care of MY Community.” This story emphasizes the fact that although bullying happens everywhere […]

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Take Care

Outcast kid is bullied at school and two caring students come along to support him.

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A boy who gets bullied discovers that his bully has an abusive parent. The boy decides to comfort his bully who needs help.

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Help the Bully

Stop Bullying

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Don’t Be A Bystander

Our video opens on a scene of victim and bully. Set in a High School area, these are high school girls. It showcases the harmful effects of bullying and how there are normally people around that could do something about it. The three girls step in to help out, they find a teacher and they […]

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