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As A Community

In the beginning, it shows things that we have accomplished as a community. Then, it asked,”But why can’t we stop bullying?” After that it shows flashes of the victim getting bullied.

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

This video showcases how you can’t judge a book by its cover. Everyone has problems wether you know it or not, and most people disguise their feelings of sorrow with a gentle smile.

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Stop the Bully

Words hurt………….Stop bullies, speak up.

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Make a Change

A new girl gets bullied. Two bystandard come to help the new girl stand up to the bullies.

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Anit-bully Radio

A radio show that promotes anti-bulling

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It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel

A kid is in a bullies seat at lunch. The bully gets angry at the kid and pushes him to the ground. Bystanders decide to help the kid. The bystanders help the kid and stop the bully.

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A bully makes fun of the victim like every other time while they are doing work. The bully throws the victims binder on the floor. The bystander picks its up and steps up for the victim.

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Attitude Counts

An ignored, depressed kid walks down a school hallway. He then imagines himself walking down the same hallway but with a bubbly, happy mood. He gets out of that thinking state and he starts walking. He goes down that hall with a more friendly and nice way and people actually pay attention to him.

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A bully punches somebody and it leaves the word “REJECT” on her arm. Everybody watching gets a similar mark so one person takes out Band-Aids that say “PERFECT” or “COMMUNITY” to cover the marks. When the bully sees this happening she pulls up her sleave to show many marks. They get covered with Band-Aids and […]

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There’s Always Time for Kindness

A boy is running late to class and on his way helps everyone who needs it.

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