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Let It Go

Students reflect on the negative effects of being labeled in school.

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PSA done by the help of my classmates

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Stop the Bullying

The video begins with name calling to a High School student, names like Loser, gay, etc. Then the student walks off rejected. Cut to the same student on a bench and someone comes up to tell him that he’s okay and the other people are wrong and while he’s talking someone else walks up and […]

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JSW Bullying Short

A sad high schooler sits alone while another student looks on and decides he will do something about this. He confronts the bully, telling him it’s not right as they walk toward the victim. They all walk off arm and arm and one playfully pushes the other into a bush. Stand up when you see […]

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Bullycam, a new concept in bullying, take a fun look, but also chastizing the person at the end and hopefully making people realize that even the smallest offense can hurt someone.

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How Bullying Affects

Montage of people speaking about bullying and what to do about it to stop the madness, Typography treatment on screen.

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Chase the Victim

Theme of victim and bullying with a light saber thrown in.

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Bullying Vid

The video starts with a girl on the bleachers very sad. They ask her what’s wrong and she tells them of being bullied and they laugh at her and make her feel worse. A long comes another student who is taking a stand and telling them to stop what they are doing and then talks […]

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Cyberbullying on Campus

Our video shows a high school student being bullied on campus in person and then escalates to show how he is being cyberbullied as well. After some back and forth from the victim and bully the victim then comes up with a solution to block so that he doesn’t have to engage or be the […]

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Help the Bully

You need to help the Bully also. You can’t only help the victim. If you don’ help the bully, then they will continue to Bully and hurt others. Help the Bully.

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