Are You Bullying Others?

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Do you ever wonder if you might be a bully? Often, bullies are just regular kids who are making bad choices.  It’s possible to change your choices.  It takes courage, but there are many people who will help and support you.

Are You Trying to Fit In?

Many times, students who bully others feel pressure to be popular or worry that they will be bullied if they don’t join in.

Consider how your actions make others feel. If you’re hurting others, stop.

Get Help

Are there problems going on in your home that are causing you to act out?

Sometimes children who bully others come from homes where everyone is angry and shouting all the time. Some children who bully have been bullied by others, including adults.

Get help. Go to a trusted adult, teacher, school counselor or principal and explain what’s going on.

Consider Your Future

Many times, students who bully others end up in trouble themselves. If they keep acting mean, they often end up with few friends. They think bullying will make them be popular, but others just think of them as troublemakers. Often, people who wind up in trouble with the law started out as bullies.

You Can Change

Many children who once bullied others have found ways to stop – and as a result they’ve become much happier. This can happen to you. Get help from teachers, counselors and other adults who love and support you. Start today.

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