Are You Being Bullied?

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It’s only relatively recently that certain behaviors in the workplace have been described as “bullying.”  Here are some common bullying behaviors.

Tactics of Bullies

  • Blaming the target for “errors” that may not even exist
  • Unreasonable job demands—heavy work loads or additional work hours
  • Criticism of the target’s abilities
  • Inconsistent compliance with company rules and policies
  • Threats of job loss
  • Insults and put-downs, sometimes publicly
  • Discounting or denying a target’s accomplishments
  • Exclusion of the target from information
  • Yelling, swearing, name-calling and/or body language of disrespect or aggression
  • Stealing credit for the target’s work
  • Invalidating what the target knows to be true; fabricating “facts” related to the target’s performance
  • Taking away the usual workload and replacing it with menial and/or meaningless tasks
  • Constant unnecessary oversight

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