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Attitude Counts

An ignored, depressed kid walks down a school hallway. He then imagines himself walking down the same hallway but with a bubbly, happy mood. He gets out of that thinking state and he starts walking. He goes down that hall with a more friendly and nice way and people actually pay attention to him.

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A bully punches somebody and it leaves the word “REJECT” on her arm. Everybody watching gets a similar mark so one person takes out Band-Aids that say “PERFECT” or “COMMUNITY” to cover the marks. When the bully sees this happening she pulls up her sleave to show many marks. They get covered with Band-Aids and […]

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There’s Always Time for Kindness

A boy is running late to class and on his way helps everyone who needs it.

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I Take Care Of My Community

A kid is bullying another kid for not catching a football. The victim the gets thrown to the ground and the bystander decides to come and rescue him.

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We Can Change

When a ‘bully’ gets rejected by her group, she realizes that she doesn’t have to be a bully anymore.

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That Wasn’t Cool

The target is getting bullied about his appearance and that he won’t get a girlfriend.

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Kindness Finds its Way

A new kid at school is left out. He tries to fit in. Bystanders come over and join the kid and be his friend. The kid feels like he fits in.

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Pass on the Kindness

A new student arrives to school and she is very lost. A helpful girl named Brenna helps the new student by showing her where a classroom is. The new student thanks Brenna by passing on a Ben’s Bells bracelet.

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Bully Free Classroom

Students are stepping up to stop common bullying in the classroom.

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Kindness: Pass It On

Jadeyn is getting bullied and someone steps in and helps. Jadeyn realizes this kindness act and passes it on until it gets back to the bully. The bully then becomes kind and helps Jadeyn.

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